Maserati GT Engine & Gear Box Swap

This Maserati GT was brought in to us from another local garage as they didn’t want to take the beast on! Carrying out complete engine and gear box swap, the 4.7 litre V8 had severe engine wear causing it to knock and lose power. With the Maserati engine and gear box out, it was time to swap all auxiliaries and wiring loom onto the replacement engine which the customer had supplied. This was not job completed, as once the replacement engine was fitted and ran up, it was soon obvious there was an issue as the oil and water were mixing. After further investigation it was found that the heat exchanger gasket had failed. To get to this involved stripping the top of the replacement engine to replace the gasket. The engine is now up and running and the beast is back on the road.

No Job is to big for our guys here!