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Did you know we can update your brand new online service history?

You are not obliged (since October 2003) to get your car serviced by a franchise dealer during the warranty period. You must though get it serviced according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule and criteria using only manufacturer approved parts (OE). You must also keep records so you can demonstrate to the manufacturer that servicing was undertaken to their requirements.

Here at The kilburn Garage we use manufacturer approved parts (OE) on every vehicle that comes through our doors. Alongside using Autodata for instant online access to technical data for service, maintenance, diagnostic and repair, we can do exactly what the manufacturers do without the hefty price tag.

Today we carried out a full service on a Range Rover Evoque costing the customer £149 less than what he paid last year at the main dealer. We did exactly as the manufacturer required and also updated our customers online service history record.

Don’t be pushed into maintaining/servicing your new vehicles with the main dealer! Give us call on 01332 882727 to give you a quote and save yourself some money!

29386241_1594505353930963_6058947339840651264_nCOMPETITION TIME

We haven’t run a competition for a little while so here it is! 

Do you fancy winning a FULL SERVICE on your vehicle worth up to a massive £280

All you need to do is head on over to our Facebook page and guess how many chocolate eggs we have inside our jar. The closest answer wins!!

The winner will be announced Friday 30th March!  Get Ready, Go Go Go… 


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We love it when a classic comes to visit us here at The Kilburn Garage! This Ford F100 came in for its very last MOT and passed with flying colours. The owner has clearly looked after his ride well over the years! Do you need an MOT? Did you know you can MOT your vehicle up to 30 days before its expiry date? Give one of the team a call on 01332 882727 to book your vehicle in.




Can you quickly change my bulb please?

Not all cars have easy access to change bulbs, some are a complete pain to get to much like this Honda Civic this morning 

If you notice you have a bulb out don’t worry, we keep most standard bulbs in stock and are able to fit them for you while you wait 

Appointments aren’t always necessary but please be advised some bulb changes do take longer than others

For enquiries call Emma on Derby 882727  



28277257_1571296132918552_7311420483909251506_nMore great feedback from another new customer! We’re not just an ordinary garage! If you have any vehicle issues come down and check us out, we’ll even make you a brew☕️


 – 01332882727

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One of our customers brought his Porsche 911 in for MOT and service yesterday. Within an hour we had rung him with the good news that his MOT had passed and we were going to start his service. His beloved Porsche was then returned to his home address by the end of the day all ready for another 12 months of motoring! 



Today’s customer had a blow out on the motorway while he was out of derby and needed another tyre fitting so he could get home. He took his car to a near by garage where they fitted a new tyre but shockingly failed to notice this broken spring!!! 

The customer brought his car back to his local garage for us to check out an odd noise to the front of the car. Straight away we spotted the issue! The broken spring had been rubbing against the inside wall of the brand new tyre, which may have caused the initial blow out. The customer will now need yet another new tyre and a new coil spring to get his car back on the road 

Please be aware of where you take your car for repair…it’s frightening that some people call themselves professionals!

For any vehicle enquiries please call Emma on Derby 882727 for one of our fully qualified technicians to take a look at your vehicle problem ☎️





This afternoon Jim and Andy are stripping an old engine out of this VW Golf and replacing it with a reconditioned one as requested by our customer 

I’ve always thought engine swops must be fairly easy, old one out, new one in, simple! Clearly not… Point taken guys, I’ll just go back to my desk! 

If you have any engine swop/conversion related enquiries please give the guys a call on Derby 882727 ☎️  



 Stay Alert!  workshop

Today has been an eye opener to a new customer of ours. After being towed into us by the AA for a knocking noise to the front of the vehicle, we discovered that both front wheels had been left loose after a MAIN DEALER garage replaced discs and pads not to long ago.

If your car isn’t driving as it should or you hear a noise that your not sure of please get your car checked.

Any vehicle enquiries call one of our team on Derby 882727

26814521_1529250013789831_5440398592638967171_nThis morning the guys will be working on a Volkswagen camper type two red 9 design front beam conversion!

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