Brand new F Gas Air Conditioning offered here!

Brand new F Gas Air Conditioning offered here!

❄️Today our guys at The Kilburn Garage have undergone new training on the brand new F Gas Air Conditioning System, courtesy of Cooling Edge Ltd. Along with training we have also took delivery of our 2 brand new, state of the art, air conditioning machines enabling us to carry out the most current method of regasing on all 2017 vehicles! If your vehicle is ready for an Air Con Regas, or you’re unsure what gas your vehicle requires give Emma or one of our qualified technicians a call on Derby 882727 ❄️

What is F Gas? – F Gas stands for Fluorinated greenhouse gas.  It’s basically the Air-Con refrigerant (R134A) gas we use when we Regas your Air-Con system on your car.

Why do Air Con Technicians have to be F Gas trained?  – The reason our technicians have to be F-Gas trained is because F-Gas has such an detrimental effect on the ozone layer. If our technicians aren’t trained in how to work with F-Gas, they could potentially be allowing it to leak into the atmosphere and damage the environment. In fact, the EU believe that F-Gas has such an extreme effect on the ozone that failure to comply with regulations could result in us, as a garage, getting a very hefty fine and potentially even jail sentences for the technician using the gas!

What do technicians learn to become F Gas qualified? – Prior to obtaining an F-Gas certificate, technicians must be able to demonstrate the knowledge and skills required to diagnose Air-Con system faults through pressure readings & system electrical faults.   They then go on to learn all about the detrimental effects of F-Gas and how to handle it safely and contain it to prevent harmful effects to our environment.  For example, if we were diagnosing a leak on an Air-Con system, we would now use Nitrogen and a pressure test in order that any refrigerant (F-Gas) didn’t leak into the environment.

Prices –

F Gas Air Con Regas – From £140+vat
Regular Air Con Regas – From £25+vat

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